Majority of the information needed can be found with in the ReadMe file inside every update. “AddonsInterfaceDugisGuideViewerZReadme”
    To open this file you would need something like Notepad++ which is open source so it’s free to use. Other editors that can be used (free) Visual Studio Code, SciTE. Paid ones are as follows Adobe Dreamweaver, Intellij Code Editor
    I personally use Visual Studio Code or Intellij Code Editor.
    Then you have my repository in github that can help you hook your guide with in dugi guides without needing to backup and move everything when you install updates for dugi guides. https://github.com/Caluril/CustomGuides
    This will need to be updated, I’ll do this once work has settled down a bit.
    In the .toc file the ## Interface needs to reflect 100002
    Rest of the instructions is on my repo. I hope this helps

    Oh, BTW, I have decided to attach my modified ReadMe.txt that I personally update and use, also, ZoneIDLibrary-DF.txt this is what we use for profession IDs and Map IDs, thought this would help you in some way.

    If you need any more advise or help don’t hesitate to contact me in Discord Ozzi#9217