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    Default [Profession Guides] - General Bug Thread.

    On the Legion Tailoring guide you are at one point needed to talk to Linzy Blackbolt. The description of the Quest says that she is near the Alchemy Building (The Agronomical Apothecary), while your guide says she is in the Tailoring Building (Talismanic Textiles). I am not sure right now if only the text is wrong or also the direction (I do not seem to have the dot clicked in the picture, but I think I did that before), so please also check the way point for the "dot".
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    Default Another Tailoring Guide - Missing Entry

    I think you should mention in the Legion Tailoring Guide when you need to loot "Bolt of Brimstone-Soaked Silkweave" that you need to get "Alard's Brimstone Shavings" from "Alard Schmied" in the "Tanks for Everything" building First before being able to loot "Bolt of Brimstone-Soaked Silkweave". Atleast for me that would have been a good hint
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    fixed for next build, thank you for reporting

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    Default [Profession Guide] - Jewelcrafting - Outland - Suggestion

    Yesterday I tried out the Outland leveling guide for Jewelcrafting. It seems to be based on which is fine. But I have a small suggestion as on my Server the "Mystic Dawnstone" was hard to create (not many "Dawnstone" in the AH). For me it was also good to buy of "Shadow Pearl" and create "Purified Shadow Pearl". But after that I still needed some more points (not many, lile 2 Skill points, but the pearls were also empty in the AH) and luckily I found another Design. I got a cheap "Design - Shifting Nightseye" from the AH and was able to complete the guide. Maybe these 2 things should also be added to the guide. Another thing I noticed was the mentioned things / values you need, i.e. the guide says to create 10 "Mercurial Adamantite", but I had to create about 13 to 14 to get to the goal (skill points 25 to 35). The mentioned 10 should only be OK, if you are really lucky.
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    Default [Profession Guide] - Enchanting - Outland - Suggestion

    Yesterday I also used the Outland Enchanting Guide and have also some suggestions. It seems also to be based on the wow-professions guide, which is fine (I also used their guides before using your guides). Sadly I forgot to create some screenshots for the first steps, but I hope my description will be enough for that. For skill points 10 to 16 you suggest Brawn, which is good and on point. From 16 to 30 it suggests Major Armor. Until 20 it was orange I think but from 20 to 30 it was yellow like Brawn (Brawn is yellow from 15 to 30). My suggestion would be to still suggest Brawn then, because it is cheaper (6 Arcane Dust vs. 8 Arcane Dust). Another thing I noticed is, that Major Armor should run from 16 to 30, but your text mentioned only to create 5 of these. You should take a look into it. For step 30 to 35 you should add Madame Ruby as the source for the Formula "Major Stamina" as that was not mentioned. The guide sends you to both the Aldor Enchanting Trainer and the normal Enchanting Trainer (the book shelf), but they do not teach the "Major Stamine". Both now teach the very same. Maybe you should combine the steps "Go to Aldor Enchanting Trainer and learn" and "Got to Book shelf trainer and learn" to one step (Just suggest to go to either trainer for learning the Formulas). The Aldor one would probably be better in case you need Enchanting Vellums, as she also sells stuff, while the book shelf does not.
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    When I get more time I will go back and optimize these guides.

    Some of these guides I was utilizing the Racial buff with professions, they are announced with a Note at the beginning of each guide.
    The 10 skill point bonus does make a big difference, no luck is involved or required just commonsense with pairing professions with racial buffs. (no pun intended)
    Yes wow-professions was used as a guide, however, this may change when I find the time to optimize the Classic - Pandaria guides.
    Things that I will keep in mind will be:
    • Effectiveness - stays orange long as possible (without racial buffs)
    • Cost - cost of plans, materials required.

    I might include in the materials required a estimated cost, but I already see a flaw, the cost does change and does vary from realm to realm so that idea is instantly shot down from the sky.

    I will take a look at your suggestions along the way, thank you.
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