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Thread: I think She's hungry Quest LAGG

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    Default I think She's hungry Quest LAGG

    i got lower end pc and this quest laggs me **** thon. becous when it updates i thicks 1 time and (imp eats 3 times) and after it it thicks agen and suddendly im frozen for 10sec becous Dugi going nuts. I suggest just put delay on updating this quest when imp eats like 5sec ish,

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    Have you tried this quest with Dugi Guides disabled?
    What version of Dugi Guides are you using?

    If the quest does it while Dugi Guides is disabled, it's not the guides, it's the quest, then thus you should create a ticket here.

    Far as I remember with this quest, you kill a basilisk and your Lashtail Raptor will eat the basilisk, you will need 40 Basilisk meat in total.

    Can you please explain in detail what is exactly going on?

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