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Thread: Loosing Quest-Tracking with Dugi

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    Default Loosing Quest-Tracking with Dugi


    when Dugi is active and i have a Quest that i want tracked.
    The tracking is reset when i open the Map.

    I tried everything, checking any option in Dugi and isolating Dugi (deactivate all other addons) It doesnt help.
    Dugi seems to cause this.

    I have NO Guide active. I have Quest Matching OFF.

    I want to track weekly quests and such allways, no matter what guide i do.

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    I can't replicate this, I can track Delegation quest and then open the map or quest log several times and the Dugi waypoint arrow still remains pointing to the quest, the quest still remains in the quest log when traveling to the destination. Can you please provide a short recording of this?

    /dugi fix
    Click on accept or Okay to reload. Log out to the character select screen and then log back in. Try tracking the quest again.

    I got this working with the default settings. Here's a video.
    Screen captures of the important Settings:

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