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Thread: Objectives frame issues

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    Default Objectives frame issues

    When I first login to wow I always have to bring up the "moveanything" addon and reset it becasue my objective window is all muddled up.

    I found when I disabled Dugi addon it fixed everything , but I love the Dugi addon so I keep fixing it everyday

    Thanks people
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    Technically this is a Moveanything addon issue, to prove this Disable all addons except dugi guides.
    Have you tried to reset the savedvariables for Moveanything?

    {path to wow installation}\WTF\Account\{your account name}\SavedVariables
    Delete Moveanything.bak & Moveanything.lua

    {path to wow installation}\WTF\Account\{your account name}\{your realm name}\{your character name}\SavedVariables\
    Delete Moveanything.bak & Moveanything.lua

    Doing the above will reset all settings to do with Moveanything addon, but it will help narrow down the issue.

    However, Dugi guides has it's own moving abilities with in it's own constraints, being manipulated by another addon like moveanything the two addons will not get along.
    It's very much like if I was to overpower your rights, you will not be getting along with me, in fact you will more than likely be looking at legal action against me. But it's the similar kind of thing here in this case with these two addons, except one cant sue the other, obviously lol.

    Which I will strongly suggest to do the following:

    1. Un-check the move checkbox for the Objectives Tracker
    2. Un-check the MF (Modified Frames) tag on top left corner

    Click the Reset button on all three Objectives Tracker before you delete those files, if that does not work then deleting the files above will be the final alternative.
    After deleting the files (while wow is closed off completely) I would look at the Objectives Tracker settings in MoveAnything addon to ensure the check boxes remain un-checked and the MF option is un-checked to give sol control to Dugi Guides addon.

    I hope this helps.
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    If you want to use MoveAnything with Dugi you will need to disable the Objective Tracker movement with MoveAnything

    use Dugi > Frame > Move Objective Tracker setting option to move the tracker instead as Dugi require full control of the tracker if you want to use borders, anchored mode etc.

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