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Thread: War Campaign (Alliance)

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    for, unfortunately US and EU accounts will never be able to send friend requests.
    The only way that this can be done is I pay for a EU account with EU app client installed.

    I also found that manual URLs will be automatically overridden by the website detecting the 'system locale' or the 'browser locale' or both.
    For me, If I point my browser's URL to the browser will detect the language of my browser and or my system (Windows). It will detect it as 'enUS' and thus override the URL to
    Pretty clever way to prevent US clients creating EU accounts.
    Some Blizzard employee's say its to improve performance for both US and EU servers.
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    Okay I worked out how to get this done without creating new accounts etc.

    Settings for App
    Click the Blizzard logo (top left corner of the window).
    Click on the Settings.
    Click on General.
    Allow multiple instances of = Checked.
    Click on the Done button.

    This instance will remain open in your current region. For me it is Americas.

    Double click on the shortcut icon or Start > >

    If it automatically log you in to your current Realm:
    Click on your account name drop down and select Log Out

    On the Log In screen, change the Realm to Americas or Europe. For me it will be Europe.
    Type in your current Email and Password to your existing Account.

    I accidentally clicked on the Play button that's logged in to the Europe region, but it loaded up my US client, so phew.
    Confirmation that I can still play Normally without having to find the correct window.
    As long as the game is pointing to the correct account, for me WoW3 (US): Battle for Azeroth.
    I have heaps of accounts, all US though.

    Doing this is going to be confusing as well, if both instances of is shut down, and is ran again, it will log in to the last Region logged in, this will need to alternate, unfortunately.
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