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Thread: Anchor Weed path issue

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    Exclamation Anchor Weed path issue

    Ok so the Anchor Weed path in Nazmir, I'm sorry to say Dugi but it does not work. I've done it a couple of times here and there since I bought the Profession and Achievement guides on August 24th and I have had very little luck with getting any Anchor Weed or even any herbs for that matter with this Nazmir path. Please find a better path for Anchor Weed or even multiple paths if they are good. My guild really needs Anchor Weed for cauldrons but I am of little use due to following your guide for it :'(

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    What is your current Rank? yes, this matters.

    Take a good look at this patch notes here:
    Under Profession > Herbalism.

    Before 24th September 2018 patch I found it hard getting Anchor Weed despite the rank.
    The guide is accurate, take a good look here:
    Slightly above the map there's 9 zones, click on Nazmir, take a look at the herb path.
    Don't forget, this is new content and the competition for this herb and many others is HIGH.
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    My rank on one toon is Rank 3 and my other Rank 2(I Dualbox gather)

    I am aware of the increase in the AMOUNT of weed per node, the issue is not getting any nodes! Like I said I have been using Dugi's path for gathering and since then it has been very bad node wise.
    I gather at different times of the day to see if there was a difference and there isn't I could be farming at 2 am or 4 pm it does not matter what time I go it's always the same results little to no Anchor Weed or herbs for that matter.

    I know there is a high demand for the herbs, but I could look around and no one is around, even when I AFK sometimes very little people pass by me.

    My main thing is I think they should revisit the path to make sure it is good, or even better there should be multiple paths for Anchor Weed considering it drops in every zone. I'm paying for Dugi's guide for this exact reason to have a guide for this if it's not looking good its something they need to look into again, or like I said have multiple GOOD paths!

    And idk about that drop rate thing, I'm pretty sure everyone on that shard/CRZ/server sees the exact same nodes. It's not like everyone has there own Anchor Weed nodes or herbs or mines. I'm pretty certain of that and again I'm not talking about the amount of weed per node I'm talking about the nodes

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    hey I'll look into adding more paths for the herbs soon

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    oh ok, thank you, Dugi! can't wait for them!

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