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Thread: Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor daily Pet Battles

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    Default Eastern Kingdom and Kalimdor daily Pet Battles

    The notes to the recent patch mentioned that they were combined, but failed to mention what they are now called or where they can be found. I had been completing E Kingdom dailies for a week or more, and then POOF!, no more guide...

    Also...haven't figured out why I can't do the Kalimdor dailies despite having all prereq's complete...WOWHEAD lists Battle Pet dailies as Horde / Alliance instead of by zone...hmmm...

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    Sorry there was a typo that prevented it from appearing in the guide list. Please update your guides again and it should appear under Battle Pets > Azeroth (Daily)

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    My guide only shows one pet battle in Eastern Kingdom. I confirmed I have the "Eastern Kingdom Tamer" achievement.Click image for larger version. 

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